This is the affiliate program which is built into the cart. It is up to you to manage, support and pay your affiliates

To setup the shopping cart to use mTracker first select it as an option in the My Admin section.

Then go to Affiliate programs in the Cart setup, check the mTracker check box and hit the update button. There is also a Help file in the Admin area of mTracker…

Recruiting affiliates

We are not involved in the business of recruiting affiliates for you. That’s your job!

Potential new affiliates should be directed to the join form at:

It is very important that this link contains your username (userid). Otherwise we don’t know who’s affiliate program they are trying to join.

Affiliate’s admin area

Each affiliate has their own admin area where they can update their personal details and view their statistics. They can login at:

So you will need to provide a link to it on your site.

Reviewed by: Arnie

“I created two web sites for a client who wanted to sell product. I had never set up an ecommerce back end before. I must say, this was so easy that an 11 year old kid could set it up. The free version provides for quite a bit of customization. Much more than I expected. I can recommend Mal’s very highly.”

Here are five ways to recruit the affiliates needed to make your program successful.

1. Make your affiliate program irresistible – It is easier to recruit affiliates by letting them know how your program benefits them. When it comes to affiliate marketing programs, potential recruits want to know what’s in it for them.

2. Make the recruit a priority – Promptly answer all emails concerning your affiliate program. The speed at which you answer queries says a lot about you and your business.

3. Promote your affiliate program – This includes everything from press releases to articles to advertisements. This tactic helps get your name and affiliate program mentioned in front of hundreds of potential recruits.

4. Question current affiliates to attract recruits – Who knows better what will attract new affiliates than current affiliates? Poll affiliates for their opinions on your affiliate program. Ask for their input on how the program can improve. You may not use their suggestions, but the input can help make your program better and more appealing.

5. Join online message boards and networking groups – There are online boards and groups dedicated to affiliate marketing. These are the places a potential recruit will go to learn about affiliate marketing. Participating in these groups can attract people to your program. However, it’s often against the rules to blatantly advertise any specific affiliate program. Instead, offer assistance to people with questions – make yourself useful. You can include a link to your website and a blurb in your signature line.

Reviewed by: Tam

“There is, in my opinion, no easier way to add a store checkout to an existing site Than Mal’s. I was hired to rebuild an existing Ecommerce site that had lost their remote checkout service.

Alot of cart software promise easy integration for existing sites, but when push comes to shove, the actual delivery is lacking, and often time-consuming (which translates to EXPENSIVE for the client). After extensive shopping for a solution, I discovered Mals. Mals was by FAR the quickest, easiest way to get the job done.

The checkout page design is somewhat sparse, but good enough to get the job done — and the price is right!

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