Mobile Shopping Cart

How to set up your free Mobile Shopping Cart

Just added the new Mobile Shopping Cart video tutorial.

Finally, a simple and complete webstore system for mobile, from the makers of Mal’s eCommerce.

Setting up a store takes just a few minutes

Choose your Mobile Shopping Cart name

People can find your store using this name or your own domain name if you have one.

Login to the store, set up and configure your departments

You can have up to five departments, each of which can have up to ten categories.

Start entering your product details into your Mobile Shopping Cart

Each of your categories can have up to 30 products.

That is up to 1,500 products, all completely free!

Host your product images at a third party such

as Photobucket if that is more convenient.

Upload your product images to our servers, this requires Android or a desktop browser.

Set up your PayPal account for your Mobile Shopping Cart

Take payments from your customers.

Configure your tax and shipping rules if you need to

Start selling!

The total cost of these informative tutorials
is just $19.95
and you will get instant delivery.

You will see the system in Action
and receive an email with your Password
to unlock the tutorials.

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Mobile Shopping Cart