Mals Shopping Cart video TutorialsSelling Products and services online a few years ago was a mammoth undertaking however today anybody can do it.

I remember about 10 years ago when I started selling online I had to apply for a merchant account and then a separate online facility.

It cost me a small fortune and days in preparation.

Today I can sign up for any number of third party processors and have the ability to sell online in a matter of minutes.

Add to that I can also install a simple shopping cart system and be able to see anything from apples to downloadable reports and nearly all the work is done for me.

One of the easiest solutions to set up involses signing up for a Paypal account and then integrating it with Mals Shopping cart. The integration simply means adding an email address for everything to work.

Lots of people get bamboozled by technology

If you can fill out a few forms and copy and paste you have 90% of the skills you need to create an online shopping cart for your business. Yes it is that simple!

Probably the hardest thing in today’s market is getting the traffic to your site however a few simple techniques can be appled for a very successful venture.

If you want to start adding a shopping cart for your business a simple one to use is Mals Shopping Cart.

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