Video Tutorials

These video Tutorials can be accessed from this page or by using the navigation over on the right.

Downloading Videos all Under 20 MB

I have also provided a download link to the videos so you can watch them on your computer or you can stream them directly from this site.

The files are in MP4 format and I suggest you download the VLC Media player if you want to download them and watch on your computer.

This is a great free player that will play nearly any video and audio file.

Once you download the player simply install and then go to our video pages.

Either watch online or click the download link. I like to create a folder called Mals and then add all the videos into that one folder. Once the video has downloaded simply click and it will open up in your player.

Have Fun.

List of Titles for the Tutorials

  1. Introduction – How to register your system and login
  2. Payment Methods – How to set up your payment gateways etc.
  3. Email Settings – Sending and receiving orders and how to customize
  4. Tax and Shipping – Esential for selling products
  5. Provide Discounts and Vouchers – Great way to promote products and services
  6. Customize the look and feel – make it look like your cart
  7. Advanced Settings – Creating a more interactive experience
  8. Digital Products – Selling digital products
  9. Affiliates – How to set up your own affiliate program
  10. Using mOrders – A desktop application for your orders
  11. Putting the cart in your website or Blog – Different code for your cart
  12. Marketing – ways to market your website