Email Settings




You can use your own HTML email template for customer reciepts, just paste it into the box in the setup page in Admin. This means you can include your own images in the template, however you will need to host those images on your web server.

To revert to the cart’s default template, just clearout the template box in Admin.

Template tags

The template works by including special tags which are then replaced with the appropriate values from the order. The tags take the format #field_name# and are listed in the table below. The letters in the field name are not case sensitive.

There are two special tags that are replaced with more than just a single piece of text, they are#Cart_contents# and #Gift_voucher#. Both are substituted with the data formated in an HTML table using the font from your cart setup. For example #Cart_contents# is replaced with:

<td>My first product</td>
<td>Second product</td>

The #Gift_voucher# tag is replaced with a complete table, with open and closing <table> tags. A font tag will also be included inside each <td> tag, it is left out of the above example for clarity.

The only real restriction is that yours template must be less than 5,000 characters long. In practice that should be more than enough for a receipt.

Download the default template

You can download the cart’s default template, you can use it as the the starting point for your own: