In this first tutorial we are going to show you how it works and the basics of signing up for your own Shopping Cart.


It takes only minutes and is absolutely FREE!

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All you have to do is add simpleĀ Buy Now links or buttons on any page on your website, made from a form button, a text hyperlink or your own image.

When customers click on one of these links they are presented with a page hosted on our servers, showing their current cart with that item added. Here they can choose to edit their order, delete items or move on to the payments section. Credit card and check details are collected using an SSL secured server. Once a customer completes an order you will be notified immediately by e-mail.

You can have as many Buy Now buttons on your website as you like so you can sell as many (or as few) products as you wish. Your products can have as many product options as you need, options can be on any form type: drop down list, radio buttons or even a text box. The only limitation is your imagination!

Charities are in important part of the Mal’s e-commerce community, they can setup a Donate button where someone can enter the amount they want to donate.