Discounts and Vouchers



You can configure up to five different types of vouchers or coupons. The value and the information about it’s validity is hidden in the coupon’s code number which you give to the customer.

Your coupns can have one of the following benefits:

  • A fixed value discount
  • A fixed percentage discount based on the total value of the order
  • Free shipping

The cart does not keep a record of which coupons have already been used so you do need to check them carefully when you receive an order. However, by using the expiration date sensibly and by altering the range from time to time, you should be able keep the number of valid coupon codes quite small and easy to manage.

The cart only accepts one coupon per order.

The value of discount coupons is added onto any other discount you may have in an order. Fixed value vouchers appear in the totals under the lineĀ Vouchers. Free shipping coupons simply reduce the shipping amount to zero.

If you choose to use coupons then a text box appears in cart where they can enter their number. It doesn’t specify what the voucher is for, it’s assumed that customer already knows. This important, it’s so that your customers who don’t have discount coupons don’t feel they are paying more than they need to. Instead, most will assume the box is for gift coupons only.

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