Advanced Buttons

Here is a full list of all of the syntax (codes) used in Mals plus Mals FAQ’s.

Over the past few years, I along with others have helped countless people in correcting or designing forms for them to use with Mals cart, here are some of them that might help you!!!

I have put all the codes and forms in Pop Ups so you can access them without

error. Copy and paste the code into something like notepad to retain the format
and then into your website. You can also do a page source to see the code.

Change the ww4 to your server number and don’t forget to change the user to your own number

Any testing you may do using forms on this page WILL NOT be passed through to any payment processor.


NB: removed pop ups so will now just open in a new tab.


How to add a image instead of the normal add to cart
A color picker, you could use it for any large variable to reduce your form/page size. Hats off to Geoff for coming up with this one. Open 
A running total, not using a quantity, but using the product through checkboxes. Open 
Returning the viewer to a php page has a slight problem that if, in the return line the is an & sign, this breaks Mals return line, so that symbol needs replacing with a special code. Open 
A choice of color added to a product. Open 
Charge per word, perfect for selling advertising space. The client is charged a minimum value and then an amount per word above a number of words. Open 
Return the user to an anchor on your page using either a form or button. Open 
The most complex form in the World…. Yes this is a great form, hats off to David for working endless hours creating the javascript to get this all working. Open 
If you don’t need the calendar, the lightened page is here. Open 
Show cart contents on the same page. Open 
Send to cart, but remain in the same window without a refresh, (no good for cart contents shown on page) Open 
Send to cart, but stay in the same window this refreshes the page, so removes the qty. Open 
Have the cart contents permanently shown on your page in an i-frame. Open 
This running total gets over the issue of sending all of the form contents to the cart, selected or not. Open 
BOGOFF – Buy One Get One Free Open 
A form that works out the total plus computes a discount. Open 
Here we have a discount applied over radio buttons. Open 
Volume discount on total quantity Open 
Multiple dropdown choices plus a discount. Open 
Here we have a product which is discountable, however there are 2 additional options that aren’t discounted. Open 
Multiple items, with different sizes / prices plus a discount applied to the number ordered. Open 
Discount on one item. Open 
A choice of different selections, the more you buy, the cheaper they are… Open 
A minimum order, plus a discount. Open 
A user entered value plus a discount for the total. Open 
A customer chooses which product via radio buttons plus a discount
Quantity using a dropdown, plus a discount on each. Open 
Three dropdowns for Product, Option and Quantity Open 
Minimum or maximum quantity of a couple of forms on the same page using product pr for the dropdown and product for the user to order their own quantity. Open 
Force the buyer to choose from selections, the list of dropdowns can be hundreds if needed, the script can be external and various scripts; script1, script2 can be called on for form1, form2 on the same page. Open 
Need some data filling in on the web page before it goes to the cart? Confirm an email address? Here you go… Open 
Charge per person as the name is entered into a text box. The form only passes the cost through to the cart when the text box changes. Open 
Give the customer the chance to multiple select different options, the only drawback is the quantity they order must equal the number of selections (open to humans getting involved). Open 
Give your customer the chance to add their own message or personalisation,
the text will be shown on a new line in the cart with no additional cost
associated with it.
Alternatively, you could use the multiple dropdown. Open 
A multiple dropdown, however the selection isn’t shown until the user chooses a checkbox, multiple checkboxes can be selected, variable quantities can be added. No script modification is needed. Open 
Multiple dropdown using radio buttons, a different way of doing a hidden dropdown. Open 
A basic form, this is a straight forward, place your quantity in a box. Open 
Two or more products plus options in one form. Open 
An add on or more for an item. Open 
Here we have T Shirts with different sizes and colors. Open 
A simple single dropdown with options. Open 
A choice of 6 different flavors, or choose all 6 of the same one. Open 
A variation of the above, this time using text boxes for the purchaser to enter their own amount. Open 
2 dropdown’s plus a text box. Open 
2 dropdown choices plus a check box. Open 
Drop down options and a check box, useful for adding additional areas to a dropdown list. Open 
Drop downs plus multiple text boxes, this example is a jewellery web site where the purchaser can choose between various options and add their own personal message. Open 
2 drop downs for ordering either an item or a composite of items. Open 
Another multiple choice form. Open 
Multiple Radio Buttons. Open 
Options of size plus multiple colors and a text box. Open 
A one off fee in the form of a radio button. Open 
Add a one off fee, this can be used for any “one off” addition to a product. Open 
Charge for text, I think this one is self-explanatory. Open 
A choice of colors for the product, plus a tally carried through to the cart. Open 
Multiple choices plus extra option and quantity. Open 
A dropdown that changes the content of a second dropdown, great if you only want to have certain variations available for a product. Open 
Two dropdown’s, the first selection changes the second selection plus the form will not pass to the cart without both selections being made. Open 
A text counter for use with a text area box or text line, useful so the viewer knows how many more words they can use. Open 
Remove the 256 char limit for the header. Open 
Calculate based on three values Open 
Need a minimum and or a maximum applied over checkboxes. Open 
Minimum or maximum quantity spread over multiple selections. Open 
Information gathering with extra information for the viewer Open 
Return the viewer to the same page without having to fill in a return=”www.backtomysite/” value on each page. Open 
Appointment using text boxes and a dropdown. Open 
A weight converter Open 
Ever wanted to send a web page URL via email from your site? Open 
A donation. Open 
A straight to payments plus 2 currencies used. Open 
And a donation going straight to payments. Open 
A registration form with 2 priced options. Open 
Got tax on items except for one that is tax free? Open 
One free and straight to payments Open 
Straight to payments, collect customers data with the order… Open 
A validation form where the user has to pick from options. Open 
A gift certificate, free from Tax. Open 
A form for the customer to enter their own date for collection and return. Open 
This script tells the user they haven’t reached the minimum order quantity for the product, or they have ordered to many… Open 
Dropdown’s for booking flights, including dates / times / number of adults and children booking seats, this can be modified to suit all manner of purposes. Open 
Book an appointment and take payment. Open 
Need to have your customer choose a color?. Open 
Another choice of colors, this time using the minimum order script. Open